4G which allows to use mobile internet with the speed of 100 mbit/s will be in Ukraine soon. However, mobile operators say only 17% of devices keep up with this technology.

To make this happen seven bandwidths were put up for sale.

Lifecell won the first and the largest lot with the price of 601 million 600 thousand UAN; they also took the second  lot for more than 300 million UAN. Three lots obtained Kyivstar company, which is going to pay 916 million 300 thousand UAN for them. Vodafone won the sixth and the seventh lots for 631 million UAN.

Totally the companies will pay 2 billion 456 million UAN. They have a month for money transfer.

After that they will get licenses for 15 years.

Mobile operators will have a year to launch 4G in big cities. However, they promise to do it in March.