In regional centers of Belarus there are no Belorussian schools – inform the journalists of Svoboda radio referring to state statistic data. During the last population census conducted in native language, a little bit more than 53% of population named Belorussian. 70% of the population speak Russian instead of native tongue. People of 140 nationalities live in the republic and consider their mother languages are the ones of their countries’ – i.e. Polish, Latvian, Ukrainian, Russian.

13% of pupils study in Belorussian. According to official statistics, 46% of schools in Belarus are in native language; most of them are in rural territories. There are only 7 Belorussian schools in Minsk. In regional centers – none. Most schools are mixed or Russian. History and Geography are taught in Russian. Until 2007 these subjects were taught in Belorussian.