Since the beginning of March the residents of apartment buildings in Rokyni may have no running water supply. The local enterprise have no money to pay off the electricity. If the loan is not paid off, in March the flats will have no running water.

There are 30 debtors in Rokyni. The highest price of debt is 11 000 UAN. The representatives of the enterprise say they communicated with them and asked to pay, but it was not successful.

However, the locals think the situation is very different. One family, which has 5 000 UAN debt, say they always pay off all the taxes in time, the only tax they do not want to pay is for ‘house maintenance’, because the municipal enterprise does not serve the house properly, so the locals decided to ignore this tax.

The lawyer says it is not a solution. The problem may be solved in court. To do it the locals have to record all the cases of municipal services inactivity.