Border guards detained a batch of medicines in Novotroitske checkpoint under the back seat of the car.

There were five sacks of medicines. Their cost is 220 thousand UAN.

The passengers explained all the medicines were for Donetsk hospital, for militants. There is a situation of medicines’ lack  in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The illegal goods were confiscated.

Besides, border guards detected smuggling sea products in Kishinev-Moscow train. Law enforcements found five bags with meat. Their general weight is 185 kilos. The goods were also confiscated.

Moreover, Sumy border guards prevented an attempt to carry things of cultural and historical significance illegally. The patrol officers detected two 19th century vintage samovars and eight porcelain figures of Soviet Union times. The perpetrators tried to carry the goods to Russian Federation, but the border guards confiscated them.