Lutsk authorities propose to buy decommissioned Swiss trolleybuses in intermediary firm by overpaying too much – states the expert of regional governing center Taras Yakovlev. He says that previously the town bought Polish trolleybuses for significantly lower price.

In the end of February the delegation from Lutsk visited Biel town in Switzerland to examine the vehicles of 1997 year production. However, they did not commented the reason why they had not bought the trolleybuses for the price of scrap metal  when they were there.

Lutsk Major counselor Ihor Polishchuk is not now sure whether the automobiles are still the municipal property. Polishchuk added that the idea to buy the trolleybuses in Switzerland the got from his friends. As it is known, the head of Volyn regional council, Ihor Palytsia, spends much time in that country.

Mass media informs that last year he was abroad for more than a half of the year and visited Switzerland most often.

After the authorities had stated about their intention to buy the trolleybuses in Switzerland and allocated two million hryvnias, they remembered that the purchases of such high price allowed to be made by tenders.

Last week they promised to announce the tender. However, they still have not coped with it. And now they have a difficult task – to create the tender conditions that will cause Biel company win, not Polish that is much more cheaper.