The president of the US Donald Trump was nominated to the Noble peace prize for his attempts directed to improve relationship with North Korea.

He will be a candidate in 2019. Previously, Trump stated that he was very thankful to the leader of South Korea for his comments that Trump’s worth the Noble peace prize.

Nine people died as a result of the plane crash in the USA. The transporting military plane WC-130 belonged to national guard of Puerto Rico. It was flying from Savanna town to Tuson. After that it would be taken out of exploitation.

The plane fell to the road in Georgia. It was constructed 50 years ago. All the members of the crew were from Puerto Rico. Nobody managed to survive. One of the witnesses said the sounds from the plane were loud and strange before the crash. The plane fell and exploded.

The leader of Armenian opposition Nikol Pashynian announced a pause in campaign of public non-obedience. The day before the Republican  party agreed to support him as a candidate to the post of prime minister. The elections are on 8 May.

Pashynian called on his supporters to organize a massive meeting next Tuesday. He also pointed out that they fight for their rights and dignity, not for the new PM.