Recently in the US a book ‘The Ukrainian night: An intimate history of revolution’ was published.

It is a story about the weekdays of ordinary people during the Maidan. The author of the book is a professor of Yale university – Marci Shore who wanted to support Ukraine and decided to tell the West the truth from the inside. Now she travels in the US presenting her book.

Marci Shore has never planned to write a book about the Maidan. However, when she was giving an interview to western mass-media during the Revolution of Dignity she suddenly realized that the world should be informed about Ukraine more.

She started communicating with the participants of the Maidan and reproducing the events in chronological order. She did not want to miss any single detail.

The book is not only about Ukraine, it is about values of the world. The professor of North Illinois University Christin Vorbak states the book will help the Americans understand the role of their country in Ukraine.

The moment of unity for democracy protection is important not only for the Ukrainians. The author tries to give the Americans the feeling they can act even in the dark times.