Four suspects in The Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine attack case are apprehended. Le Figaro newspaper informed about it referring to its sources in court. The age of criminals is 30-36 and they were apprehended to find out their connection to terrorist attack in 2015. According to provisional data, they provided terrorists with weapon. It should be reminded that two brothers  Cherif and Said Kouachi killed 12 people: Eight employees, a guest at the magazine, a maintenance worker and a police officer.


German police conducted raids to apprehend illegal migrants transport operators. More than 200 officers participated in the operation. They conducted a search of seven flats in Berlin, Bremen, Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. Three people were apprehended. According to official data they illegally transported more than 160 refugees including children in vans what was unsafe and life-threatening.

In 2015 a van with more than 60 refugees was discovered in Australian highway. Smuggler’s service cost was about 8000 Euros of one illegal migrant.


Igor Dodon, a suspended president of Moldova stated the entrance to the EU will split the country. He shared his eurosceptical views in the RTVi interview. Dodon expressed his sympathy to his Russian colleague and said Moldova  is in dire straits because it boarders with Ukraine that has tense relationships with Russia on one side and NATO together with American tanks location on the other one.