Many towns in Russia show compassion concerning the tragedy in Kemerovo – 23 massive meetings throughout the country. Firstly they were memorial but then people start blaming authorities in total corruption and demanding Putin’s resign.  In Kemerovo people got together at the main square.

They stood there with posters expressing dissatisfy with the investigation flow. Ex-governor of the region stated that the meeting “is just a way to discredit the authorities”. Tuleyev called the people – oppositionists, and told they want to take the opportunity to solve their own problems.

In the morning on 28 March the emergencies confirmed the number of victims – 64 people died in fire. Moreover, they said there are no missing. However, the day before there was an information that there had been 38 people still missing.

Russian president announced 28 March whole-national mourning day. On Wednesday there were first fourteen funerals. There was no joint liturgy, relatives of the victims organized the burial themselves.

The tragedy happened on Sunday. The source of fire is still unknown.