Renewed canteen’s already working in Lutsk Kromberg&Schubert plant. Previous did not cope with the number of visitors – workers of just one shift. They had to stand in lines for a long time as there were few paydesks. Now, there are four of them, so the management hope the queues will soon disappear.

In general, around the clock six thousand employees are served in the canteen. The complex dinner for 1000 calories costs just 30 hryvnias. All the workers of the plant have -30 hryvnias discount, so actually they have to pay just 6 hryvnias.

The restaurant ‘Korova Vitovta’ has been serving the canteen for eight years. To make the café even better the managers of the restaurant decided to collaborate with the partners this time. The interior was completely changed in just 25 days and there were just a few new points in the menu.

The best evidence of successful rebranding – happy customers. As the plant has three shifts – the canteen will work around the clock.