Brussels called on Germany to cancel inspections on the borderlines. Dimitris Avramopuolos, the Commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship believes that checks within the territory of Schengen zone is a significant failure. Last week the minister of internal affairs of Germany informed about checkups on the borders with Austria. They will last till November. However, Avramopuolos did not gave a clear answer whether the European Commission accepts such decision.

Makedonia has no time to join NATO in July – informed the minister of foreign forces of Greece. He pointed out that the capital of Makedonia wants to change the country’s name, however the referendum concerning the issue requires time. There are four possible future names – The Republic of North Makedonia, The Republic of Upper Makedonia, The Republic of Makedonia and The Republic Vardar Makedonia. At the same time Greece believes Makedonia wants to steal the name of one of the country’s provinces. This blocks Makedonia’s entrance to NATO and EU.

Germany wants White House to free its companies from following the sanctions against Russia. Angela Merkel stated that industrial giants like  Siemens, Daimler and Volkswagen, have business with people related to sanctions. The heads of the enterprises assure that new regulations may influence German economics and industry in a negative way. This way the country may loose hundreds of millions euros.